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I'm quitting with my hobby, and all cards are now for sale. If you're interested in some cards, just let
me know what cards and what you are willing to pay for them. Just send me a Mail and you get an answere from me.

Is started a new compagnie; Deze Wil Ik Hebben.nl, just visit the shop and see if you can use some stuff:



If you're interested when my page is updated, fill your E-Mail adress in the box below, and you will get a mail when this site is updated.
9/26/2007 : updated the catalog of Spain, Island of Man Germany, Switserland, New Zealand, Israel and Andorra
4/4/2007 : updated the catalog of Spain, New Zealand, Switserland and Sweden
1/17/2007 : updated the catalog of Spain, Israel, Andorra, Gemany, Switserland and Denmark
10/25/2006 : updated the catalog of Switserland, Holland, France and Germany
3/8/2006 : updated the catalog of Andorra, Switserland and Australia. Added a lot of swapcards from Andorra and Monaco.
1/11/2006 : updated the catalog of Germany, Spain, Israel and added catalog of Monaco.
11/13/2005 : updated the catalog of Switserland, Israel, Spain, Germany, and added new cards to swaplist
: Netherlands

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